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Growing up, i've always loved to tell stories and continue to this day. Coupling this with an insatiable nerdy curiosity towards all things digital, I love to see how ideas can come to life through this medium. Each brand has a chance to tell its story - I am simply here to bridge that gap between them and their target audience (through all things digital and nerdy of course).

Graduating in 2020 - I sought out ways to bring this idea to life. I began freelancing based out of Minneapolis Minnesota with some initial clients who were looking for a developer that could optimize and refurbish their ol' SEO and Website scaffolding. This lead me to partnering with several agencies who specialize in SEO but are looking for a developer to act as a link between SEO Masters and Developers.🤓

I would be delighted to help you in any way I can. Whether that be just a chat or to build your website from scratch - let's find a time😊
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